MP Series

MP Series

Ultimate safety, and compliant with the
production of pharmaceuticals
High-quality coating achieved by a wealth of

  • These granulators with fine particle coater combine the features of fluidized bed granulators (powder particle fluidization and highly efficient drying effects by air flow) and agitating granulators (powder and particle fluidization, tumbling, and compaction effects by mechanical force).
  • Capable of mixing, granulating, coating, drying, and cooling processes in a single machine, the MP series improves productivity and prevents contamination.
  • Produce heavier particles with narrow size distribution, thus resulting in uniform coating.
  • The tangential spray installed in the lower section enables efficient film coating and masking processes of granules that have been considered difficult to achieve.
  • Production time is reduced by the Twin Shaking system.


  • The introduction of the blade rotor has enabled the flow control of difficult-to-fluidize particles and heavy particles, which has been difficult on conventional fluidized beds, and accordingly leading to easy control of granulation and coating processes.
  • Efficient and dense coating is achieved by spraying to a high particle density zone with a tangential spray.
  • Compliant with the production of pharmaceuticals (GMP).
  • Easy to install various types of measuring instruments (for particle size distribution measurement, near-infrared spectroscopy, etc.) that support process analytical technologies and real-time quality monitoring.
  • Measures are taken to secure safety: installation of an explosion vent and a grounding wire sewed into the filter unit.
  • The adoption of twin filters allows adhered particles to be blown off one filter without the need for stopping the flow, thus resulting in high productivity.
  • Equipped with automatic cleaning system.
Model Charge weight
Outlet air flow
MP-25 10 10 1100 1,300×1,600×3,240 For laboratory/
MP-100 50 50 2400 1,650×2,350×4,300 For production
MP-200 100 100 3200 1,900×2,810×5,100 For production
MP-400 200-400 2,100×2,840×3,600 For production
MP-600 350-700 2,600×3,600×6,500 For production