Mixing granulators (Vertical granulators) - VG Series

Creating higher values from powders and particles

The VG series granulators allow mixing, kneading, and granulating processes in a single vessel. They are equipped with a horizontally rotating main blade at the bottom of the vessel as well as a vertically rotating high-speed cross-screw on one side above the main blade. Through adding binder to base powder and utilizing tumbling and compaction effects, you can produce particles closer to the shape of a perfect sphere or particles heavier than those granulated on a fluidized bed. The vertical granulators have been designed and manufactured to comply with the FDA, GMP, and other international requirements regarding performance, safety, and so on. The solid performance and reliability in mixing, kneading, and granulating processes are proved by the fact that the granulators have been widely used in Japan as well as in the USA and Europe (manufactured and sold by our business partner “GLATT AG” in Europe). Through integrating its pharmaceutical machines and technologies accumulated over the years of experience, Powrex offers mixing granulators that are most appropriate to your needs.


  • Produce spherical particles more dense than those granulated in a fluidized bed.
  • Reduced cleaning time thanks to smooth surface of their vessel structure and a fewer number of assembly components and parts.
  • Extremely fast and efficient mixing and granulation in a single machine at high production rates.
  • Easy operation with a fewer parameter settings.
  • Small footprint achieved by the compact body and limited space for their auxiliary equipment.
  • Low cost of equipment including auxiliary equipment, and offer easy maintenance.
  • Support vacuum drying.
  • Also offer microwave drying.
Model Capacity
Gross Net
VGmm 0.3 0.1 30 400×240×500 For laboratory
VG-01 1.5 0.9 120 340×730×980 For laboratory
VG-05 5 2.5 250 600×1,000×1,050 For laboratory
VG-10 10 6 280 650×1,200×1,100 For laboratory
VG-25 25 15 450 900×1,450×1,200 For laboratory
VG-50 50 30 600 750×1,600×1,550 For laboratory/ production
VG-100 100 60 1500 1,520×1,530×1,760 For laboratory/ production
VG-200 200 120 1900 1,720×1,800×2,030 For production
VG-400 400 240 2400 1,930×2,100×2,170 For production
VG-600 600 360 3000 2,250×2,400×2,320 For production
VG-800 800 480 3500 2,360×2,550×2,560 For production
VG-1000 1000 4100 2,560×2,750×2,720 For production


  • Retractable cleaning nozzle available.
  • Elevating mechanism of the blade allows easy visual inspection of cleaning performance on the bottom surface, without removing the blade.
  • Teflon sealing at the main blade and cross-screw prevents entry of powders and cleaning water.
  • Pleated outlet air filter with antistatic protection, capable of capturing 2 μm powders and particles.
  • Alternatively, a stainless steel filter with excellent filtration performance is also available.
  • Product temperature sensor built into the vessel prevents entry of powders and cleaning water.
  • Inspection window made of a fusion glass, which incorporates stainless steel into glass, can be installed.
  • Special finish of the internal wall prevents adhesion of products, thereby leading to high yield.
  • Special inflatable seal with increased airtightness for the lid.